Social Loafing

Definition: Social loafing is a human resource loophole that signifies the adverse mentality of a minority of individuals in an organization. Social loafers deliberately under-perform a given task by not exhibiting their highest potential while working in a team. Some are the free-riders who are social loafers from the very beginning. While the others are … Read more

Management By Objectives (MBO)

Definition: Management By Objectives (MBO) is a participative approach whereby the management and the employees collaboratively frame the short-term and long-term business objectives with a deadline, by actively centralizing the key result areas (KRA). Also, every individual in support of the management determines his/her targets, tasks, roles, responsibilities, obligations and accountability. MBO so sets a … Read more

Career Pathing

Definition: Career pathing is the process of developing a blueprint for the employee’s growth within an organization. A career path guides the employees to do nourish their position in the organization by figuring out their potential, knowledge and expertise; enlisting future growth prospectives; directing them towards skill development for the same. It can be seen … Read more

Offshoring vs Outsourcing

Offshoring is mostly replaced by the term outsourcing, while the two are unconditionally different from one another. When in offshoring the business or the company is set up in a new cross border location; in outsourcing, the partial business process or tasks are assigned to a third-party under a contract. However, there is a term, … Read more

Job Shadowing

Definition: Job shadowing is a means of learning about the tasks, roles, responsibilities, career prospects and challenges of a certain job position that fascinates the visitor. It can be a short few hours session or a week-long activity where the guest shadows or follows the host who is a professional or holds a particular job … Read more

Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Definition: Strategic human resource management (SHRM) is a managerial tool used to reform the company’s human capital such that it is in synchronization with the organizational goals and vision. It is a far-sighted approach where the strategic decision-makers analyze the company’s manpower potential and balance it with the future requirement. Globalization has extended the corporate … Read more

Structured vs Unstructured Interviews

Structured and unstructured interviews are two of the major interview methods. Where the former is carried out by enquiring the candidates through a well-defined set of questions. Although, the latter is based on impromptu questions, going with the flow of conversation. Now, let us understand, what is an interview? An interview is a process of … Read more

Job Analysis

Definition: Job analysis is a step by step process of gathering, recording and studying the roles, responsibilities, tasks, duties, knowledge and abilities involved in a particular job position. Job analysis is not just framing of the job description and specification, rather it is a rigorous process of deeply understanding a particular job position. Content: Job … Read more