Offshoring vs Outsourcing

Offshoring is mostly replaced by the term outsourcing, while the two are unconditionally different from one another. When in offshoring the business or the company is set up in a new cross border location; in outsourcing, the partial business process or tasks are assigned to a third-party under a contract. However, there is a term, […]

Job Shadowing

Definition: Job shadowing is a means of learning about the tasks, roles, responsibilities, career prospects and challenges of a certain job position that fascinates the visitor. It can be a short few hours session or a week-long activity where the guest shadows or follows the host who is a professional or holds a particular job […]

Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Definition: Strategic human resource management (SHRM) is a managerial tool used to reform the company’s human capital such that it is in synchronization with the organizational goals and vision. It is a far-sighted approach where the strategic decision-makers analyze the company’s manpower potential and balance it with the future requirement. Globalization has extended the corporate […]

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