Personal Branding

Definition: Personal branding is a promotional strategy which individuals use to project their strengths to the outside world. ¬†Optimal personal branding should enable those who use it to stay ahead in their careers and eventually become authorities in their areas of specialization. In a scenario characterized by aggressive competition, there is a need for individuals … Read more


Definition: DAGMAR is a popular advertising strategy brought forward by Russell Colley in a 1961 report presented to the US Association of National Advertisers. This report was titled “Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results” (DAGMAR). The theory aims at setting defined and measurable advertising goals or objectives.  Both Colley and Solomon Dutka expanded it in … Read more


Definition: Rebranding is a marketing strategy adopted by the companies to infuse freshness in the product or the brand. The purpose behind it is to capture the attention of new customers, retain the old ones and maximize profitability. The company can either transform a part of the brand or the whole of it to attain … Read more

Consumer Behaviour

Definition: Consumer behaviour defines the purchase decision-making pattern of an individual or an organizational buyer. It depicts the complete process of need generation, search, procurement, utilization and post-usage review of a product or service by a consumer. It is the core of marketing since without knowing what the consumer wants, a company cannot plan its … Read more

Pricing Methods

Definition: The pricing methods enlighten the various techniques and strategies used for deciding a product’s final price. For this purpose, it acknowledges the multiple price determinants including the cost of production, product life cycle, customer requirements, market demand, industry type, competition level, etc. Efficient product pricing is the key for a business to acquire sustainability … Read more


Definition: An infomercial is an advertising format where a lengthy video is broadcasted to promote a product or service on public platforms or media urging for instant call to action. It is indeed a stand-alone program that lasts for 30 minutes or more framed on a particular product or service. For a product that resolves … Read more

Holistic Marketing

Definition: Holistic marketing is a strategy that focuses on enhancing customer value by coordinating the efforts of all the departments of the organization. The research and development, production, finance, marketing and human resource departments function together for leaving a positive and enduring impression of the brand image on the customers. A highly competent marketing idea … Read more

Viral Marketing

Definition: Viral marketing is a concept which focuses on driving the attention of a mass audience towards the brand or product by delivering a strong message or story to the public. Such a marketing campaign when once launched is effortlessly promoted by the public itself on social networks or through word of mouth. Viral marketing … Read more


Definition: M-commerce is that segment of electronic commerce, which functions via WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) technology providing access millions of mobile users for carrying out various online transactions and other activities through a small device. Mobile internet access is the base of mobile commerce. Since m-commerce is taking up the market on fire with a … Read more