Retail Banking

Definition: Retail banking is a financial segment that caters the requirements of individuals as customers, majorly comprising of the low-income groups of the society. It facilitates the common people to make deposits, avail credit and get their funds managed systematically. Personal banking deals in a huge volume of financial transactions although these are of small … Read more

Social Loafing

Definition: Social loafing is a human resource loophole that signifies the adverse mentality of a minority of individuals in an organization. Social loafers deliberately under-perform a given task by not exhibiting their highest potential while working in a team. Some are the free-riders who are social loafers from the very beginning. While the others are … Read more

Management By Objectives (MBO)

Definition: Management By Objectives (MBO) is a participative approach whereby the management and the employees collaboratively frame the short-term and long-term business objectives with a deadline, by actively centralizing the key result areas (KRA). Also, every individual in support of the management determines his/her targets, tasks, roles, responsibilities, obligations and accountability. MBO so sets a … Read more

Moral Suasion

Definition: A moral suasion is an influential approach through which the central bank appeals, advise, pressurize and convince the commercial banks from acting or refraining to act in a certain demeanour. It is often mistaken as a legal action however, it is just a persuasive move whereby general interaction is carried out. Being a combination … Read more

Consumer Behaviour

Definition: Consumer behaviour defines the purchase decision-making pattern of an individual or an organizational buyer. It depicts the complete process of need generation, search, procurement, utilization and post-usage review of a product or service by a consumer. It is the core of marketing since without knowing what the consumer wants, a company cannot plan its … Read more

Pricing Methods

Definition: The pricing methods enlighten the various techniques and strategies used for deciding a product’s final price. For this purpose, it acknowledges the multiple price determinants including the cost of production, product life cycle, customer requirements, market demand, industry type, competition level, etc. Efficient product pricing is the key for a business to acquire sustainability … Read more

CD Ladder

Definition: A CD ladder is an approach of distributing a sum available for investment into multiple certificates of deposits of same or different amounts but necessarily distinct maturity dates. The arrangement of CDs is such that an instrument matures each year, ensuring higher liquidity of funds. Also, when every CD have a varied interest rate, … Read more

Lifecycle Fund

Definition: A lifecycle fund is a long-term investment option providing the feature of automatic adjustment of the asset class and composition to reduce the risk appetite while moving closer to the maturity date of the plan. In the beginning years the plan includes more aggressive stocks however, the ending years foresee more of secured bonds … Read more


Definition: An infomercial is an advertising format where a lengthy video is broadcasted to promote a product or service on public platforms or media urging for instant call to action. It is indeed a stand-alone program that lasts for 30 minutes or more framed on a particular product or service. For a product that resolves … Read more

Career Pathing

Definition: Career pathing is the process of developing a blueprint for the employee’s growth within an organization. A career path guides the employees to do nourish their position in the organization by figuring out their potential, knowledge and expertise; enlisting future growth prospectives; directing them towards skill development for the same. It can be seen … Read more