Behavioral Finance

Definition: Behavioral finance is that discipline of behavioral economics which analyzes the impact of human psychology on the investors’ actions. Thus, ultimately shaping the investing decisions of individuals, directors, managers, analysts, advisors, researchers, speculators and other market players. Behavioral finance contradicts the theory of traditional finance. This phenomenon considers human beings as normal and irrational … Read more

Virtual Banking

Definition: Virtual banking is a financial setup which provides numerous retail banking services through a wireless network using an electronic device. The customers need not be physically present at the concerned bank’s branch to carry out a transaction. For instance; a company employing around 50 personnel disburses salary in their accounts on the first day … Read more

Business Communication

Definition: Business communication refers to any form of interaction or information exchange taking between the individuals or entities within an organizational setup, for the purpose of attaining a corporate goal or objective. Communication can do wonders for the humankind. Right from daily chores to crucial business operations, everything involves some form of interaction among individuals. … Read more


Definition: M-commerce is that segment of electronic commerce, which functions via WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) technology providing access millions of mobile users for carrying out various online transactions and other activities through a small device. Mobile internet access is the base of mobile commerce. Since m-commerce is taking up the market on fire with a … Read more

Paradox of Value

Definition: Paradox of value is a puzzle raised by Adam Smith who was one of the great economists in 1700s. Diamond-Water Paradox is defined as the difference between the value in use and the exchange value of any product. Smith questioned the enigma of a diamond being less useful than water, still, it has a … Read more

Entrepreneurial Management

Definition: Entrepreneurial management is the concept of utilizing the creative and innovative abilities, skills and expertise to efficiently open and manage a startup organization. It is a means of solving a mass problem through a unique and profitable business solution. An entrepreneur is always seen as a problem-solver. He/she considers a macro problem and finds … Read more

Structured vs Unstructured Interviews

Structured and unstructured interviews are two of the major interview methods. Where the former is carried out by enquiring the candidates through a well-defined set of questions. Although, the latter is based on impromptu questions, going with the flow of conversation. Now, let us understand, what is an interview? An interview is a process of … Read more

Job Analysis

Definition: Job analysis is a step by step process of gathering, recording and studying the roles, responsibilities, tasks, duties, knowledge and abilities involved in a particular job position. Job analysis is not just framing of the job description and specification, rather it is a rigorous process of deeply understanding a particular job position. Content: Job … Read more