Bootstrap Financing

Definition: Bootstrap financing can be defined as a self-raised startup where the entrepreneur incorporates an enterprise with limited capital available. The idea is to keep the external borrowings at the lowest and relying on the internal finance sources. Bootstrapping is setting up a small venture with whatever is available with the founder or can be … Read more


Definition: Microcredit can be defined as a lending system which allows a meagre sum as a loan to the low-income section of the society for supporting self-employment and other income-generating activities. This underprivileged segment was often ignored by the traditional credit system due to its low creditworthiness. This concept can be seen as a special … Read more

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Definition: An Initial Public Offering (IPO) can be stated as a means of generating capital for a private company by publicly issuing its stock for the first time. Later, these securities can be traded after being listed over the stock exchange. An IPO is also acknowledged as ‘going public’ or ‘float’. A small company looking … Read more

Behavioral Finance

Definition: Behavioral finance is that discipline of behavioral economics which analyzes the impact of human psychology on the investors’ actions. Thus, ultimately shaping the investing decisions of individuals, directors, managers, analysts, advisors, researchers, speculators and other market players. Behavioral finance contradicts the theory of traditional finance. This phenomenon considers human beings as normal and irrational … Read more