Definition: An infomercial is an advertising format where a lengthy video is broadcasted to promote a product or service on public platforms or media urging for instant call to action. It is indeed a stand-alone program that lasts for 30 minutes or more framed on a particular product or service.

For a product that resolves any health issue or social or environmental problem can be effectively pitched through an infomercial.

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How to make an Infomercial?

An infomercial advertising can be seen as a lengthy process, however, if smartly planned, it can provide fruitful returns to the brand.

We are unfolding every step and things to consider while making and airing an infomercial:

The process starts with providing your product with an identity or name; along with determining its first look and presentability through its packaging.

Highlight the most effective or prominent feature of your product or service that makes it stand apart from the others in the queue.

Before you launch an infomercial, pitch your brand name over the social sites. Also, creating and popularizing your brand’s website would be a positive approach.

A customer finds it highly convenient to pay online. Therefore, establishing a digital payment system can help you gain more attention from technology-friendly consumers.

An infomercial budget can be fancy enough to incorporate huge projects. But, if your business is a startup, you may have to limit your expenses to what bootstrap financing allows.

Following the advertising guidelines is mandatory for the company. Since the brand needs to deliver the same consumer experience as promised by it in its infomercial.

How an infomercial is delivered to the viewers, matters a lot. Thus, pick a persuasive and appealing tone for your script. Also, find an infomercial spokesperson who has an influential personality, he/she can be a public figure.

An infomercial that is framed around human values, social cause and emotions, gains more attention. It comprises of engaging content like a written message, images, footage, videos and testimonials.

Finding a studio in your budget for shooting the infomercial, is the next step. You would be requiring the tools and equipment like camera, lights, set, mikes, editing software, etc for this purpose too. All of these can either be purchased or if out of budget, can be taken on rent.

Sharing user experience always strengthens viewers trust in the brand. Hence, don’t forget to add clips of your happy consumers speaking about their satisfaction from the purchase, to your infomercials.

Get toll free numbers if possible, for instant call to action; otherwise, channelize the viewer to immediately book their orders on your website or mobile app. Also, encourage the viewers to subscribe to updates and newsletters.

Making an infomercial video comes next. A brand with a handsome budget can hand over this task to a producer or if not, an infomercial tool kit can be used to self-produce a 30 minutes video.

The foremost thing to ascertain is the prospective consumer base the company is planning to reach. It is essential to select the right platform for featuring the infomercial and obtaining a positive outcome.

Now that you are prepared with your infomercial, contact a broadcast station to purchase suitable airtime or slot to make your infomercial live. Different channels have varying rates, so beware.

Don’t forget to spread the news of your infomercial’s broadcast on your website, public platforms and social interaction sites. Your infomercial will be successful only if it reaches the maximum viewers.

Infomercial Ideas

An infomercial is an intact advertising approach rather a holistic marketing strategy to reach out huge prospective consumer base.

We are revealing some of the prominent tips to make an infomercial a grand success:

Discounts and Coupons on Next Purchase: The best way to grab viewers’ attention is by giving out concession or discount vouchers on a consecutive purchase.

Maintain the Sense of Humor: Adding an element of humour that connects people with the spokesperson can be a great approach to engage your audience.

Social, Environmental and Health Concern: Of course, if your product is something that acts as problem-solver whether it’s about health, environment, society or anything else, highlight it in your infomercial.

Keep on Repeating Product Jingle: To let your audience recall your brand most often, introduce an easy to remember jingle in your infomercial.

Make People Advertise Your Product: Some extreme ideas such as a person dressed up as a cartoon character with a label of your brand can seek public attention. Even many people would click a selfie with him/her to post on social media.

Creativity Beyond Imagination: Pour your art and imagination into your infomercial to leave people astonished and eager to learn more about the product or brand.

Use Videos, Demo and Testimonials: Gaining viewers’ trust and attention is a tedious job, but if an infomercial is presented in the form of a video including a product demo and even user feedback, can ease out things.

Strengthen Your Social Media Presence: Remember social media is the window through which the public sees your brand. Posting an Instagram journey, connecting with the audience on Facebook live, running an online contest and online promotion of an infomercial act as a milestone.

Benefits of an Infomercial

An infomercial is a great way of popularizing a brand on a massive level in a short period. Let’s explore the major advantages of adopting this advertising method:

  • Detailed Description: An infomercial is of at least 30 minutes which is more than enough to put forward the product features, uses and other related information.
  • Relationship Marketing: It directs the company towards customer relationship management through a product demo, free samples and returns guarantee on the dissatisfaction of consumers.
  • Viral Marketing: This strategy is prominent for captivating the attention of the mass audience, therefore, many companies take it to be a viral marketing opportunity.
  • Lead Generation: Through an infomercial, prospective buyers can be converted into customers by enlightening them on product details, guidance on their purchase decision and samples for trial.
  • Brand Awareness: A visual advertisement (like an infomercial) pose a strong impression in the minds of the viewers. Thus, resulting in brand recognition and awareness among a wide consumer base.
  • Higher Sales and Revenue: When an infomercial is aired, it gains attention from many viewers out of which a remarkable number turns into buyers. Hence the company can hike its sales revenue.
  • Strengthens Retail Presence: A company can widespread its retail distribution when it plans for broadcasting an infomercial for product advertisement.
  • Ensures Customer Retention: If the first time buyer likes your product and have a contentful experience with your brand, it’s obvious that you have successfully secured a happy customer.

Infomercial Example

In India, some television channels are dedicated to running the infomercials. These include Homeshop 18, CJ Home Shopping, Asian Sky Shop, etC. Wonderchef brand owned by Ravi Saxena and promoted by the celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor gained through infomercials.

One of these infomercial products is Wonderchef Nutri Blend is one of its kind mini juicer, blender and mixer which is aired on television’s popular shopping channels.

Infomercial Products

There is a whole list of products that are promoted through infomercials. Most renowned ones are a Magic Bullet, Snuggie, Total Gym, Bowflex, Thigh Master and Nicer Dicer, Ab King Pro, Sauna Belt and Air Lounge.

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